Friday, May 8, 2009

a simple note, a self reminder.

underwent almost a month of my clinical rotation. i've realized that:
1) TIME is a modality. for ur dunya n akhirat, once it ticks, it could never be bought back. think
about it.
2) lalai is an enemy. realize this please. it attacks u from the insides and outsides. its like sleeping
with the enemy.
3) talking and bothering about other people is a mechanism of distraction. it distracts u from
focusing on ur own weakness and life purpose. seriously dangerous.
4) i felt that some people have stopped considering that humans' lives are valuable. i wonder if i'll
ever become likewise. nauzubillah.
5) purifying the heart is the only solution to survive in this chaotic world ur living in. and its not
an easy job. it needs constant reminder from time to time.
6) there are so many things n knowledge to be memorized. its funny n scary how short lived my
memories are. figuring out ways to improve them.
7) God, dont lead me astray. im so weak. and fragile. i beg U Lord.

"Aku melihat ke syurga maka kebanyakan dari penghuni penghuninya adalah orang2 miskin. Dan aku melihat pula ke neraka, maka kelihatan olehku kebanyakan penghuninya ialah wanita." (HR Muslim)

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