Monday, March 9, 2009

4 days' countdown

exactly 4 days before my sis' big event. and im partially tired, after a week busy on helping to prepare the doorgifts and aparently lately got infected with upper respiratory tract infection (URTI). i cant help but recall my comprehensive test since URTI was exactly the topic i got for my clinical reasoning. uhuh. and it went bad. malaise, feverish, fluish, muscle and joint pain with a slight headache n yeah, precisely ANKLE PAIN, n a sore throat. huhu.

and my parents have started the 'kerahan tenaga' regime. spring cleaning the house. in a few days my house will be packed n jammed with relatives and friends near n far. and i havent renewed my passport yet. sadly im returning to jogja next tuesday. and im considering on going private blogging. like doyot. hehhe.