Monday, March 9, 2009

4 days' countdown

exactly 4 days before my sis' big event. and im partially tired, after a week busy on helping to prepare the doorgifts and aparently lately got infected with upper respiratory tract infection (URTI). i cant help but recall my comprehensive test since URTI was exactly the topic i got for my clinical reasoning. uhuh. and it went bad. malaise, feverish, fluish, muscle and joint pain with a slight headache n yeah, precisely ANKLE PAIN, n a sore throat. huhu.

and my parents have started the 'kerahan tenaga' regime. spring cleaning the house. in a few days my house will be packed n jammed with relatives and friends near n far. and i havent renewed my passport yet. sadly im returning to jogja next tuesday. and im considering on going private blogging. like doyot. hehhe.


rashiD said...

private blogging?
ceh, lagi mau tanye, hehe..

Anonymous said...

ko kene chikungunya ke weh..
jahat ni nyamuk johor..heheh

Kurt Kuden said...

PRivATE?? hmmmm

Anonymous said...

oh korg dpt URTI ke utk CR. susah gak eh. huhu. sbb sume ddx mcm lbh kurang same jerk. haha.

apsal nak go private toy? ade cite2 sensored ker? heh.

aziahzuber ialah name saye. said...

if consider private, don't forget to invite2 me eyhh.. miss u toyy.. tahirah! huhu..

toybesh! said...

rashid: ehhehe, sesaje jek..=)
epalhijau: nyamuk johor baik laaa, cuace johor je yg nakal sikit
kurt: hehheee
germ: mane ade censored, i bukan artis tau cam uuuu..hehe
aziahzuber: ok bebeh..i will, miss ya too heapsss!! =)

Unknown said...

eyh, toyy, nape nk private? nway, do invite mejugak tau if u wish 2 do!