Tuesday, September 2, 2008

how to balance a system?

when u have so much work to be done and so many thoughts on ur head, wut u shud do is to get sorted!

1) Relax, take a deep breath
2) Remove all the distractions from ur brain, they're just fooling u around
3) Think of God, and all of his mercy upon U, He the Determiner of all things, things happen the way HE plans them to BE!
4) Believe in wut ur heart says, be confident of it
5) Don't fret! just be calm
6) Think - one thing at a time, don't get paranoid

Relax, relax and relax, enjoy enjoy n enjoy..stay focus dearie me (",)

when-i-get-busy-and-just forget,
O Allah,
My Lord,
don't let the wordly affairs
stray me
from my noble time
of worshipping
and humbling
myself to U,
cause U are
the Real cause
my living
don't let me
get carried away
with the thots
of the dunya
it stains
my heart
with its dirt
and take away
my peace
the Remembrance
of U..
A slave- Her grave sins of forgetting U with too little thots on U..
Marhaban Ya Ramadhan..
choose me amongst the person U guide to strive upon the Road Of Takwa..
(God, help me to be a better person..)


Anonymous said...

kau wat sndri ke??:p

Arifah said...

Blog-hopped from kak saufi's blog. Kamu anak usrah online kak saufi kah? Huhu. And you're kak huda's lil sis? Saya junior kak huda di stf. ;)

toybesh! said...

hehe iye lim..
(smbl malu2 tersipu2 =P)

toybesh! said...

ha'ah tu kakak saye..;)
oh,arifah stfian juge rupenye..=)

sy tak usrah ol ngan kak saufi, tp kenal baik jugak dgn die ;)

tp sy kenal arifah..
ingat lg tak grup kite,intima'i?