Monday, January 26, 2009

the prophet's hand

when globalization is taking its course, and we move too swiftly,unable to catch our breath,our senses are blunted and our sights blinded, remember, human beings are still the same-we all need the same basic bottom elements since the invent of time;- love, care and attention.

Cos that's what i feel when my pace is going too fast and i can't pause;- i miss to catch up with old friends, not having a glimpse how their lives have changed so, i forget to notice how the flowers in our garden is blossoming beautifully with its different colours, and i too become indifferent to the change of weather and the evolution of time, it seems as if the time freezes. and most importantly, i become cranky, cold to people, forgetting how to show love and care when its the most vital thing that me myself actually need. sometimes we just forget that we all need the prophet's hand,

The Propet’s hands, silken smooth and soft to touch,
sometimes we need those hands so much,
to feel them clasp our own, let us know we’re not alone.
The Prophet’s hands, as we toil in the square, come up behind us unaware.
Playful palms across our eyes, teasing to help us realize,
We need the jesting, joking, calming - Prophet’s hands.

So remind me, when im moving too fast, and my pace cant pause that i need to slow down, relax, and rerevise what are the priorities in my life. whenever seriousness is my only default face mode-and i've forgotten how to smile - refresh me that its ok to joke and cheerfulness is essential to exist in this world-cause that's wut i really need-for u to show me that u actually do care.deep down inside.

The Prophet’s hands,
silken smooth and soft to touch
sometimes we need those hands so much,
to feel them clasp our own and let us know we’re not alone.
The Prophet’s hands, If they could take over the reigns,
if they could take away the strains,
guide us to the end with the patience of a friend.

Oh Allah, sometimes we need the prophet's hands,
Oh Allah, sometimes we miss the prophet's hands....

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ummujannah said...


when it is too fast,yupp we have to turn the slow button..

*glad to have fren that do wake me up when i am drowning in the sea..

*sentiasa ingat tujuan kita..(51:56)