Tuesday, July 8, 2008

husna main dokter2

ptg td husna ajak main dokter2.comel sgt.stetoskop de kecik.tak muat nk masuk telinga sy.pastu set dokter mini mainan husna siap ade syringe dan jugak reflex hammer!which is soo cute.i've realized dat ever since we were small, we're doctrined to be doctors.no wonder,indirectly it contributes to why choosing medicine as a profession is so commercialized and popular.it's like the all season 'in thing'.well for me,i didn't really wanna be a doctor yet i was encouraged by my bestest fren marlia to be one.so i decided to just 'go with the flow'.but now,as i grow older, hence choosing to take responsibilities over my every action,i had to admit that there's a price to pay to be a physician and u have to pay the price also once u've accomplished to become one.there's a responsibility looming ahead,a message to be spreadt that is not just fulfilled by serving the sick and the needy. being a doctor is just a platform. a platform to achieve the 'other bigger things' or to reach out to the world, to extend ur heart to spread 'the bigger message' which is the message of islaam and peace..

"Katakanlah,'Inilah jalan(agama)ku,aku dan orang-orang yang mengikutiku mengajak kalian kepada Allah dengan hujah yang nyata. Mahasuci Allah, dan aku tidak termasuk orang-orang musyrik" (Yusuf:108)

with great power comes great responsibility

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