Tuesday, August 5, 2008

planning for the day

from now on, i'll teach myself to 'plan for the day'. that's what the seniors taught me to.

n today i'm going to finish my class at 2. n afterwards i'm going to work on my thesis (i know i've been brooding over my thesis again and again yet not doing sumthing productive over it-sigh*).

n then in the eve i also plan to attend sum pengajian class. n tonite spend sum time with the books.

the art of planning is prioritizing. n my priority for the day is my thesis.so i might have to skip other stuffs if i have to.

yep, the art of prioritizing. the priority of prioritizing and the most priority of all the priorities. i hope i'll master them well.

kickstarting the day with bismillah. let's hope this whole 'planning for the day' thing works out..

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