Sunday, August 3, 2008

the mess and clutters in my life

back home in jogja. sweet lovely,home. it seems like a blink of an eye just passed since i last saw the face of my mother and now her image could only be captured in the form of a picture in a frame. changes come and go,whether u like it or not. the good thing is that our house's front yard is now filled with cute shrubs or tiny plants, where vacant ground can hardly be seen. i really love this new change.

the sad thing is that, kak azy is leaving jogja, returning home to Malaysia,graduated as a doctor yesterday. must admit that i think im gonna miss her. ever since we've stayed in the house together she's been sort of a mother to me. and with her finally having to leave,i might notice the differences (i'll miss her cooking particularly!). in fact, a lot of seniors are leaving us. kak am's n kak fied's batch is graduating this december. some of them are really close to me,us. that will cause an impact. i bet jogja wont be the same again. it just wont be the same. im gonna miss them =(

my room is messy.our house is cluttered with papers. i wish that i cud just dump them all away. life is just complicated. and i sense that life as an adult had just begun. how i wish i am husna again and again.

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