Friday, August 22, 2008

thanx =)

its weeken, horraay!(alhamdulillah..)

just as i've been planning to spend my weken home alone, all to myself (finally..i thot), the INTER secretariate has sumting up their sleeves pulak. herm, i may choose je not to go but afraid that i might miss sum really gud quality time wif my batchmates maybe for the sekian kalinya..

i was somnolent the whole day thru, due to the fact that i didn't sleep at all last nite in order to finish up my pharmaco report. serves me right for procrastinating. i kickstarted doin' it just last nite. i was sleepyhead so badly to think that i even dozed off time usrah n tenteran anatomy!gosh, dozing off in anatomy lab is the last unthinkable things to do. thanks to doyot, has n nanie for being such a bunch of supporting friends (sudi melayan me thru thick and thins throughout the day n esp doyot for sudi layan2 me merepek2 =] ).

as reminded by has (to get sum sleep once i've gotten back home =) ), i immediately put myself to bed after performing my asar prayer. i was soo deeply lost in transition until azra woke me up for maghrib prayer. gosh, the sleep seemed to last forever. it felt so. when i woke up i thot i was in a different space ( so much for exaggerating). that's wut happens when u desperately need sleep.the kinda sleep that u'd get is the ' hard' sleep.

oh, and to adek2 06 : min, faz and siti yg sgt cute, thanx for the lovely green brooch! (wlupun upon request dari diri sendiri yg menggedik.theh hee..). thanx sesangat, korg memang cuteee,hehe =).

n to cek powh...ayyoo dah nak 2 minggu cek powh jadi housemate baru kitorg gantikan kak azy. tak wish 'welcoming the new tenant' lagi..cek powh sayang..welcome to our living shack, to our humble abode, to our small yet warm and cozy escapade..ur presence in the house brings out a lot more love to the house..its highly appreciated, welcoming u as a part of us and hopefully us as a part of u too..susah senang same dirase..=D

to lovely queen iman, get well sooon from ur molar teeth tootache..kesian die..i cud imagine how painful it is..the 'get well soon wish' goes along to doyot..(rajin2 makan ubat =) )..kepam n yati (hope u both recuperate completely from the illness..soon insyaAllah)..

too bad iman n doyot cant join us for the so called inter 05 'fun day' tomoroe =(..

ohh, and im missing my siblings laa..just afta magrib, me, azra n belle chatted bout our sisters n we might deviate in sum things, but deep inside there's the love that even though we don show it its alwiz there. the same goes to me n my brothers. i just love to pick up fights with them (theh he..jahat kan) but we both know that we dun really mean the harsh words we said and the bad things we've done. ada kedekatan dalam pergaduhan, hehe. i suppose u both know me too well..missing u both from the bottom of my hearts.

us during kak huda's engagement..timah, me, ain (my lil cousin), kak huda, ecad, man n yg kecik kat bwh tuu unaa...

kak huda cheer a lot ya..i really miss u..=). i believe we'll make it thru..

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