Friday, May 9, 2008

im dazed

waking up dis morning with the feeling of dazed n confused.i havent studied for my Parkinson's tutorial yet. i paid a visit to Kak Bayani's cost last nite and returned home at 10,so it kinda spoiled my usual baby sleep routine which should start after isya'.so the result is i wake up late dis morning.i suppose dat i cant afford distractions, or i might lose my momentum to study.i need time,neurology is complex and difficult!at least that's my self resolution for dis block afta much spoiling of the previous blocks.Feeling dazed n sleepy, i turned on my laptop n played my fave surah-surah Maryam-recital n translation.Reminds me dat today is Friday, dun forget Surah Al-Kahf. Allah help me to clear my head, make things easy for me throughout dis day. Make me a good abid n khalifah..

Cant wait for dis eve's Kelas Murottal.After 4 consecutive skipping, the ustazah must have missed me (huh,perasan). Havva gud day everyone,rise and shine. Dun fall, just b urself ;)

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