Saturday, May 17, 2008

i just miss U..

Dear kak ayeshah,i think i miss u..

i miss ur laughters,giggles n smiles
i miss ur mischievous grin n agitated behaviour..*wink2
the optimistic outlook on life u've alwiz showed me
added with ur outgoing personality that never cease to shine
but most importantly,
i think i miss ur comfort pillow
..i miss the advices n life lessons u've alwiz preached me
..i miss u bringing me cake during my birthday even though u were bz enuf to just ignore me
..i miss u buying me bubur panas n ate it with me when i was having a fever n nobody else seemed to care
..i miss the time during the sleepover when we cud chat bout everything
all the night through
the simple things yet they mean a lot to me
which are enough to make my face lit n heart glow warmly
at the thought of u
the small gestures of kindness that make a huge difference to me
to show that u do care...
i think dat i just MISS U..miss u n miss u..;(
*smoge kak aye slaluu heppy dgn abg farid n baby yg bakal lahir..doakan sy kt sini selalu ye..wuu.. on anti hypocrisy, corruption and cunning acts..huhu

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