Thursday, May 8, 2008

those who still care..

Cry for the world
do not cry for yourself
you are only a small part of life
What has man done here on earth
he built mountains of pain
rivers of tears and blood
If you want to do the right thing
do not pray for it to happen
just go ahead and do it
For nothing else will
and you will die waiting
so will the world.

Hiyam NoirMay 3 2008
O Allah..please forgive me for the times i've spent crying and brooding over my own self and fate when there are many others who are screaming and crying in need..verily none of my hardships are COMPARABLE to their sufferings..
O Allah, I plead to u,make us those that still care and strive to make the earth prosper
Dont ever make us human beings that are indifferent towards other people's sufferings..

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