Monday, May 19, 2008

the early morning blues syndrome..

Waking up with the feeling of misery and so sleepyish.though I think I did sleep excessively.feeling so hopeless and deadpants, with stacks of stuff nagging to be done, things are not on my side. I miss home n I think I need to get away. As I went to the kitchen to make coffee and fill my empty tummy, I listened to the birds chirping cheerfully on our house’s roof, and it filled my heart with some sort of serenity. True, some things may have not went my way or the way I wanted them to be. But I’m not the only creature in this planet and my problems are not in the centre of this world. How dreadful I might have felt, this world is still running smoothly without intrusion from my insignificant miseries, the way God has planned it to be. And some beautiful things are happening at the other part of this world, with hopes restored in the heart of so many people. Many things have happened but Allah has its own mysterious way to show his signs of mercy and love. Too bad if we cant see them..

Which of Allah’s favour can u deny? (Ar Rahman)

Replace misery with content,
Hopelessness with humility,
Sadness with hope,
Deadpants with a kamikaze spirit

The food and drinks I eat,
The love of so many I received,
The ability to make a huge change,
The wealth which is enough,
The opportunity to seek knowledge,
The voice and words that could rhyme
And I'm heard

I’m just a small part of this beautiful world

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