Sunday, November 2, 2008

aspired to be better

thanks for the words
i thank Allah for giving me answers through you
although i've waited for u quite long enough
long enough for me to learn the art of appreciating
now i'm clearer of my path ahead
and i could see the specks of hope igniting through
the end of the tunnel

and i thank Allah again
for sending me answers slowly but surely,
slowly enough for me to discover the strength of patience
convincing me that the wait is worth it
and now i know what i'm supposed to do
and i believe that it has just only begun
the faith and spirit will be soared higher,
may He be guiding through..

thank you Allah
kebersamaan itu adalah kekuatan
thanks ukhtiku ;)
(dedicate to dearest doyot too, may we be strong always..amin)

little by little we'll climb the stairs and pick up the pieces we've left, if Allah wills so..


Anonymous said...

hehe..aku baru perasan namaku di sini..ahaha..maafkan saya ye cik toy..thanks btw..=)Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan kita.iAllah

toybesh! said...

hihi..patutlaa menyepi je..sygku ini mmg blurry2 com com