Friday, November 28, 2008


these past few days i've been having a sorta range of physical impairment signs and symptoms and i blame it on psychosomatic.

panic attack on yesterday mid morning plus stomachache in the evening --> although this might be attributed to my improper eating these last few days yet i still think that my mental played a part.

and this morning, nauseated n loss of appetite, i struggle to finish off my cereal drink.
try, try to think of something happy
i did n i finally gulped the whole drink without realizing.


u y u n said...

gile medic entry neh-agak pening2 lalat aku membace nye-uhuhu wutever pon toi! i love u!muahhx2!

toybesh! said...

ahahaaa....acahh je tuhhhh!
luv yaaa too beybeeeeh~=)