Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i'm just back from my pharmacology lab. and pondering bout my thesis workloads hence deciding to laze around for a while. browsing people's blog and blogging. people said my baju to class today was 'silau'ing. sampai hati depa. haha. apparently pharmaco lab is one of the lab i hate most in medical school since usually we have to wait very long and naturally i'm not so keen in helping out in handling the poor animals to be experimented-be it white rats, rabbits, hamsters etc. but today was bearable than usual since it only took us about half an hour to do the experiment (minus playing around) and the sample animal was a very very cute guinea pig (now i finally know how a real guinea pig looks like!). plus me n doyot n haneef rehearsed or tasmi' some of our hafazan, so it did quite kill the time. yet another report awaiting to be done. i still havent done my khidmat bakti siswa proposal-haish-the deadline's this friday lah

herm, tasha texted me just now asking for what i'd like for my upcoming birthday present, suddenly reminding me that my birthday is approaching. had it really been a year?-i can't believe it- u just start to grow faster when you're older, don't you? i think this year's birthday will be different from the previous as it will be less significant and more forgettable. you do be ignorant and more serious when you're older, hehe.

anyway, if there is, my wishlists for birthday this year are (ngengade kan-ignore this part)
1) collins english thesaurus (super small n cute pocket size)
2) muhammad- a book by karen armstrong
3) a cute jacket from sixty that me n doyot usha last time but takde our sizes (haha)
4) qur'an tajwid
5) more and more books

ok, now semangat toy-do things with compassion and semangat, banyak kerja menanti nih, fokus ye, mulakan dengan bismillah dan niat yg baek kerana Allah-supaya bernilai ibadah. k,nk stat buat keje. bismillah.


Anonymous said...

toy!! aku pon dari dulu nak buku tajwid. haha. tapi sampai skrg x terbeli/dpt hadiah.huhuhu

thesis = MALAS gile!!!!!

thnx 4 everything tau psl thesis.i owe u so much! xoxo


toybesh! said...

hihi.kiut je =P
sangat malass nihh.aku dh sesiap minum kopi nih konon nk stay up setelkan proposal...banyaak yg kene repair lagi..aiseyyy!!

hihi.same2.takde pape ponnn sangatttt...mmuahhxx!

Unknown said...

quran tajwid ada yg small sizes x?

toybesh! said...

ade2.mmg size de small pun =).later i'll buy ya one insyaA =)