Sunday, December 28, 2008

self resolution 1430H

here's my personal self resolution checklist in conjunction with this new 1430H year:

1) Al-Qur'an recitation 1 juz per day insyaAllah
2) pray extra heed to my solah--towards achieving high quality solah!
3) check n balance the condition of my heart every now n then- qalbu management to be seeked..always!
4) towards a more purified islamic fikrah, ruhiyah and way of living
5) time is gold. treasure it
6) focus more on acting--implementing action instead of just thinking and talking

may ur prayers accompany me. pray that i'll be a better person.

"..i have in my hearts the will and in my hands the means.."

Salam Maal Hijrah
pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine


Anonymous said...

nak copy paste self resolution please..

toybesh! said...

hihi...main x aci!xbleyh2...=P

Anonymous said...

babe..i have exactly the same self resolution with u this time around, especially the 1st and 5th point..Next year is going to be tougher but it doesn't mean our ibadah shoukd be less isn't it..ngeee

izzah said...

berusaha kak toy.moga Allah permudahkan.



pai_ilham al-adwa' said...

another check list..

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May finally all the check list will be 'ticked'..yuk usaha yuk~


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