Saturday, December 27, 2008

take control

it's been ages since i last watched a movie, but a few days back cekpah came to my room for a chitchat n all of a sudden we ended up watching the movie twilight from a cd. this i suppose is the 4th time cekpah is watching it(hehhe..bocor rahsie hang). if a lesson could be derived from this movie, for me it would be learning 'to take control'. maybe for those who have watched the movie- might be utterly clueless to which scene in the movie im referring to. for information it's the scene when bella's bespectacled friend ( i cant remember the girl's name) was ruminating over eric not asking her to the prom n bella responded by saying 'take control' and ask him instead. the scene might be trivial and the issue is 'super-lame' (who cares bout who dates who anyway-prom..apekahh?) but bella's respond 'take control' is crucial and i think is applicable to my life as a lesson.

i've always been a person who let life travels loosely. i don't put any tight rope to the proper end of it. i live life like water. it just flows. i don't plan. never did. take an example, i didn't even plan to become a doctor when i was in secondary school. i just let time decides, whatever time will bring. and until now, i don't even have a proper plan for my future. i'm only sure that i'd love to further my studies to be a specialist. to think of it it might be 'cewl' just to live life the way it is, but on the other hand, there are loose ends to it. like the saying goes, 'failing to plan means planning to fail'. of course, human proposes God predestines, but being able to plan properly for ur life also means that ur taking control over things that u can change, and the outcome results in u becoming more confident in navigating ur life, which way u want it to be heading.

so in my case, i think i need to re'revise' my life and come out with a certain plan and action regarding it. im 23 year old already, and next year i'll be turning 24. i'm aging, gosh. wut i should do is to start 'taking, remote controlling'-take control of my emotion, the kind of person i want to evolve being, take control over my studies, the kind of doctor i'll soon becoming. taking control also means to minimize worrying, instead-channelling it towards acting as in the saying; 'action speaks louder than words'. although it might not be 100% ideally turns out the way i'd be expecting cause there'll be God's hands in the moulding, at least
--> 'aim for the skies, at least u'll land among the stars'. like arai's quote to ikal from andrea hirata's tetralogi of laskar pelangi said: 'jangan pernah mendahului takdir'-interpreted as; before fate decides ur life, take maximize control over it beforehand. u have the ability to maximize the control over ur life if u believe so!

"..Verily! Allah will not change the good condition of a people as long as they do not change their state of goodness themselves.. " (Ar-Ra'd:11)


Anonymous said...

i am motivated, thanks dek!

toybesh! said...

ehem2..u're olwez in need motivation laa..;)miss u !

Kurt Kuden said...

toy, inspiring la entry kali ini.. lagi2 ade quote andrea hirata.. ohye, i m reading maryamah karpov skang hahah i like i like
n chapter ayah tak naik pangkat tu sedihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

toybesh! said...

hihi..yeke..inspiring suam2 dh halfway bace maryamah karpov..dgr jadi pelakon skrg?mesti lg xsempat nk bace buku kan?lol.i like the part too!inspiring~! =)

Anonymous said...

ohhhh~~~twilight....nice muvie kan toy!! hehehe ;)

Anonymous said...

bila la saya dapat tgk laskar pelangi yg digilai oleh masyarakat setempat..

toybesh! said...

cekpah:buleyhlaaa tahaaann..(ego2..hehe)

danesz: kamon laling..i pon belom tgk lagi cte de lambat lg kua kot..since kat cni filem2 tempatan dprotect dr cetaakk rompaakk.huey2

Unknown said...

terdengar cerita2 laskar pelangi di sini...owh, nak sgt tengok jugak...sebab pasal teacher kan2?

toyy, kena buat perancangan macam fahri la dalam AAC tu:P

me dah merancang, tapi...masih xtau macamana pulak jadinya nnti...sila mjaga diri!