Saturday, February 13, 2010

its by the remembrance of Him that heart finds rest

it is officially clear that im being tested these past few days. at first it seemed hard. matters of the heart is always hard n difficult to mend. but Allah is indeed the best planner. His tests are means for us to get closer to Him. for the first few days i was at lost, difficult to breath, with tears streaming down unpredictably. But He makes us mend our ways, find our way back home. reflecting back what we have done, makes us turn our head back to Him. its like a knock on the head or a soft pat on our back reminding us that maybe somehow without realizing we have lost our ways. And alhamdulillah, with his Grace and mercy, i am much more at peace. Allah only tests those that He loves, and i hope that i am much loved by Him. May the outcome of this is something best for me and the other parties. InsyaAllah.

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