Thursday, February 18, 2010


my exam is a few days away n yet here i am with a sleepyhead. my treshold level for exam panicking has increased significantly and look at me, i havent started studying yet. indeed, at all. is this the weigh on effect after being a practical medical student for almost a year? do every practical medical student experience this "futurness" in studies? i don't know, might do a research on that one day. or is it maybe because of i'm having guests at my home, so im making it as an excuse to escape studying (as in having to entertain the guests ahaha). anyhow, gladly i'm done submitting my syarat ujian and lets hope everything goes smoothly, and i'll be ready to face mY OSCE and written exam safe n sound by next week. just wondering who i might get for my exam, will it be dr Bowo? or dr Hemi? or dr Rieska?etc? pinning my hopes high. lets pray hard while waiting for tomorrow.


Hazwani said...

now, i'm thinking again n again to be ur becoming guest.. dudu :P

me coming with adik which both of us in partner may create a super duper bisingness

have a great taalim. im waiting 4 u in ym

Anonymous said...

all the best! ;D