Sunday, February 24, 2008

wut a wonderful world~

Just returned from jogging wif iman, belle, doyot, aini n tik.
Met a few people in Graha Saba like Jas, Kak Ungku, Abg Razi, Abg Rezza n oso MAS SIGIT, hehe~

Tima smsed telling dat she got accepted to work in Petrosains
Her training will begin from tomorrow to the 1st of March
So she'll be staying wif Kak Huda and its easy since Kak Huda is also working in KLCC. I bet they'll be spending more time together. Mum will seriously gonna miss her. Albeit envious, im glad dat she finally gets wut she wanted. i suppose its a good experience for her after spending almost 2 month at home babysitting n teaching tuition classes..

I just luv my frens
Suddenly i feel dat it's such a wonderful world..=)

Gear up toy..a trip to Puskesmas n assisting PBKK for tom is waiting. Not to forget 2 biochem report piling up to be done, n plz remember dat u havent started wif ur thesis proposal n studied for da neuro n ortho assistency, okey..=P

I suppose another exciting week is awaiting...

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Anonymous said...

hue badan n kaki sakit2 dah mcm nenek ttp nak joging jumpe Mas Sigit yg x tahan tu..hahaha