Sunday, February 17, 2008

whatever u do, do it Ur Way..

i've been having dis thought lingering on my head waiting to be written down since last evening. Meanwhile, speaking bout my weken, embarrassingly i have to be honest dat i DIDN'T manage to get anything done from the have-to-be-done checklist jotted down in the previous entry. huhhu, sadistic isn't it? wut have i been doin' wif my weken? well, last nite we, the housemates, went to SEKATEN near Kraton wer a month long once in a year funfair n pasar sore was held. The trip was an interesting one in which the story cud be told sum other day.

Apart from dat, i got a visit from my 'so called' 16 yer old adek angkat, dian from bantul dis morning. How did i get to know her? That is also a lengthy story which has to be told maybe sum other day. But she stayed wif me till da eve wer i assisted her wif her english homework, took her to taruna for da routine sunday tafsir pengajian n oso jogging wif da stooges,hehheh(sempat lg tuh!). She returned home afterwards. Not to forget tonite was also spent by celebrating february mates besday bash which went off a blast! thanx everyone.. =)

mb anis, dian (pink blouse), me(montel mood) n nadzirah during one of da bantul trips. This was the temporary TPA (tmn pengajian alqur'an) after da quake

So, basically that was how i spent my weken. Anyhow i shud get the credit for being able to finish 2 PA drawings, at least..=)

Well, back to the main topic. In this world, wherever u go, watever u do, there is just too many great people around u. They're very excellent in wut they're doing n seem to be so sure of wut they are up to. Sometimes that'll make u feel intimidated n start to self doubt. Well, dont be. U just have to find ur own self worth in ur own way. Comparing urself to others will only make ur self esteem depleted till u start becoming uncontented wif wut u have. God creates u for purposes n He always listens n guides u along the way. Now its time to find ur own true happiness n just do watever u want, and improvise it 'Ur Way'. People are unique. They come in all shapes n sizes. So there's got to be ways.Not just 'a way'.As long as it is still not deviating from Allah's way. My mum always says to me 'wutever u do, differentiate urself from others n dare to be different'. That's the most precious advice ever mum..So from now on start to embark on journey to find ur own ways, till u find ur own true self.

There are the times that u feel dat u've lost urself, n u miss ur 'old self' when everything was going on so well wif ur life! Lost and found are the norms of life, so just be patient, work out of the mess ur own way n stop reminiscing the old moments. Just live for the moment as best as u can.Find the company of the ones u cud confide and find comfort in. Get as much love and support as u can throughout the way.

I'm still trying to find my own true self along this way. And i'm still adapting to this teen becoming adult transition phase. But i'm learning n mending, it's neverending. And i know that i'll be just fine, sooner or later with His guidance insyaAllah...
Never bend your head.
Always hold it high.
Look the world straight in the face.
There will never be another now
I'll make the most of today.
There will never be another me
I'll make the most of myself.
-Helen Keller

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