Tuesday, February 26, 2008

singing in the rain

blogger hai blogger.com
knapelaa byk kali takleyh bukak?
server down ke mmg dgn aku jek ko tanak bukak
pastu xleyh upload pics n update page element plakk
and i cant even change the colour of my font!

it was raining heavily just now
raining keeps me in a gud mood, well sorta like jiwang mood..hahha!
wuteva it is the rain has stopped
and im left wif lotsa stuffs to b done
its kinda hard wen ur having flu n slightly feverish as all u wanna do is just sleep the day away doing nothing,huhu~

anyway, mbak kiki told me dis morning that pak wadi says our thesis got the grant. n he's urging us to start writing our proposal n get another 2 thesis mates since there's only me n kepam in the thesis team. anybody interested?
well, all i can do is just smile away cos i have plenty of stuffs to b done now, the thesis proposal might have to wait for next week (or likely next block - amboi sesuke hati kau jekk!!)

since im in a jiwang mood lemme post this:

Setiap orang ibarat bulan
memiliki sisi kelam,
yang tak pernah ingin ia tunjukkan pada sesiapa pun
Pun sungguh cukup bagi kita,
memandang sejuknya permukaan bulan,
pada sisi yg menghadap ke bumi.
-Rama Pratama

Nobody's perfect. Just accept people the way they are. Life is too short to fuss about imperfections..
Back to books now..=)

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Anonymous said...

yup, everyone will have dat moment of self-identity-crisis.. but, just believe in wat we are doing now is wat we want, we''ll find peace then...n remember, no one is perfect
caio for block exam!