Saturday, February 16, 2008

can i break n away?

i spread my wings and i learn how to fly
i'll do wut it takes till i touch the sky
make a wish
take a chance
make a change

waaa~now ngah rs nk breakaway jek..
herm byk keje.
n takde duit (akibat sudah habis byr duit sewa rumah..huu).
here is my 'in the current moment workload' (bear with me..hehheh) :
-PA drawings
-thesis proposal
-stadi neuro n ortho for asistency
-organisational reports (becoming)

n oso if da jakarta pkp meeting is for real on 8 mac (betul ke aku dgr ni), which is b4 blok 16 xms (yesss) hv to start stadying sesikit lecture notes frm last2 minet stadi.Plus the assistency loads that i have to do during the exam week itself

no worriesla~chill out n gear up..still plenty of time ahead..

well yeah tomoroe insyaAllah we'll b having this 'february besday bash! ' for our beloved february besdays batchmates..

venue : Pizza hut Jln Tugu
time : 7pm
theme: jeans! n for besday gals n boy anything wif ReD!
-n oso Go dutch..hehhe..

all 2005 batchmates are invited...marilah mengkompakkan lg majlis..sile2..

1 comment:

Kurt Kuden said...

Yeahhh!! Dats it!! Keep on singing gurl!!!

ke jakarta? waa tak tahu pun..


malam ni selaku ajk Games, jgn lupe havockan pizahut ok!!!