Friday, February 22, 2008

A Tribute to my sisters..

Kak Tho,tima syg gile kat Kak Tho tau..
Akak pun..syg gile kat Tima..
If i have the chance, i'll make up everything to u..
all the wrongs that i had done to u
all those years when i had been mean to u..
I'll make it up to u in any way i could..
And I promise dat wutever happens to u,
even if ur frens despise u
or the whole world turn their back against u..
Me n Kak Huda will always be there for u..
U name it..

It was a heartwrenching moment for me
There are those moments when u feel really like breaking down n finding sumone to turn to
And a phone call home really helped to let those tears spilled away..
My younger sister tima is at home for her post SPM vacation.
Me n tima are separated by 5 years of age. Being used to be da last child made me quite a spoilt brat when i was little n a lousy elder sister as a result. When we were small I had always bullied her n had always been mean to her in any way possible. N yet she had always been dat innocent little girl,who despites all the bad treatments received, still adoring the bad elder sister. I'd remember dat whenever I was home for my boarding school vacation and was about to return to my hostel, she would always cry, afraid dat she will miss me. To think that at that time i was still a cold sister,unforgiving n egoistic. N whenever she buys sumthing, she'd always bought a similar thing for me. Recalling all those time back, i feel like weeping, reflecting how mean I was n how noble my sister was. After all the bad things that I have done! Now we're thousand miles apart, n how i miss her so..I know i had not been a good sister. I wish i cud bought back those years when i had been bad to her. Alhamdulillah, we relinquished the ties n became super close when I was growing older. But how i wish i cud return to the past n be a better sister! But i noe i cudn't. I just pray dat i cud make it up to her in ayway i can. When she was in MRSM i'd supported her all da way. N now she's my best friend. She's that cute, funky, funny sister everyone wud luv to have. We'd joke about anything n make up stupid dramas manipulating every day scenario. People say we look and behave alike but i believe dat she is prettier n funnier=). May Allah bless u dearest sis, n may u get wat u want in dis life n da hereafter, a future actuarial scientist, insyaAllah!

My elder sister, Kak Huda is a very special person (to me).Whenever people ask me about her, I'd say dat she's da best sister in da whole world! I remember dat when i was small, she'd always protected me n i'd always look up to her in everything i do. coz i was so spoilt n timid! As I grew up, she'd been my idol n i'd always wanted to be like her. That's how obsessed a sister cud get! Kak Huda is an all rounder and talented in everything she does. She cud try her hands at everything, u name it - cooking, acting,singing,managing n even any sports- squash, ping pong,netball,volleyball,even silat (hehheh!) n become good at them. She's also damn funny n a drama queen! She's so spontaneous n nobody cud resist being in her company.At one time she's a leader, the other she's da joker! Wut make her so special is dat she is so selfless n never fails to put other people's priority before her very own. She would sacrifice everything for the family! My mum alwiz says dat she's a rare species and she really is .I'd alwiz admired her n will alwiz be..I know life would change when she gets married but she alwiz says dat i'll alwiz be her baby sis. She's so sweet..;) N i noe i'll alwiz be..
My sisters are one of the blessings in my life that I know i cud neva thank Allah enough. To everyone, siblings are the gift from Allah to show how Ar Rahim He is..Appreciate them before its too late..=)
To both of my sisters..
Thank u for being der when nobody else seems to care
Thank u for the memories we shared
Thank u for the love, trust n faith u both have in me
May Allah makes us sisters not just by blood but also by the strong bond of imaan to Him..
This poem is taken from the bookmark Kak Huda gave to me. And she says 'I really mean it'..=),tima n kak huda..

What is a sister?
A sister is someone more special than words
She is love mixed with friendship,the best things in life
She is so much inner beauty blended together with an outward appearance that brings a smile to your heart
Together you've shared some very special moments
She is a perspective on the past and a million favourite memories that will always last
A sister is a hand within your hand,she's often the one only one who understands
She is honesty and trust enfolded with love
She is a helper, a guide, and a feeling deep inside that makes u wonder what u would do without her.
In so many ways no one is ever loved so dearly...
-Douglas Pagels

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Kurt Kuden said...

i miss ma sis tooo.... huwaa