Thursday, October 16, 2008

bersabarlah..selagi bisa

arghh geramnyee...penat buat sehari semalam..hilang plakk additional literature review cos komp hanggg-switch on-then dah tarakkk

if i just follow my heart desire, id be screaming n burst in anger since, me, my nature, my fitrah is not patient. i'd have to fight hard to have patience. but i noe, patience is a virtue, and Islam teaches it followers to have high patience. like the great prophet rasulullah saw who was tested neverendingly yet still remaining steadfast in upholding patience as his virtue..

be patient...cos patience is a piece of peace that cud lit the gloomy heart
be patient...cos if u don't embrace patience now, Allah will test u until one time,the patience is forced to be instilled within u..

practice patience..
Allah loves those who are patients
it's a virtue of those who are wise..

n He wants his servants to engulf the beauty of patience
as patience is the fruit of imaan
which only the muttaqien can taste the sweetness of it

in life, choose to be patient..
bersabarlah..selagi bisa!

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