Tuesday, October 21, 2008

leaving home

today is another day yet today is of a different one cos today i'll be leaving home..

the short embrace n cheek kisses from my bro wud be the last one, when he'll be back from school, my voice will no longer echo the house n my physique will no more to be found lingering around

a deep sorrow is encarved inside this chest of mine but mum says that i've taken this journey of medicine and embarked on it..n therefore i must complete it..

mum says that life is always fair-what u give, u'll get back- a lot more even! n wut Allah gives to others but not u is always replaced by something else that u may have but others don't possess.to conclude-everyone is strong and lucky-just that people have different strengths n lucks-to show that his Love and Majesty is so abundant- enough and it encompasses every one =)

and i suppose the whole conversation with my mum meant to mean:,

when the roads are tough
and the deep hollow of self doubt, self denial n self hating conjures
it takes a courage that should be mustered to conquer them

and my home, my sanctuary
has prepared me for whatever it takes
n will always welcome me in whatever condition i'll be in. always.

can't tell how much my love for my family is. i hope i've had done more for them~

p/s:al-fatihah n my greatest condolence to my dearest good buddy, tasha for her granddad demise. innalillahiwa inna ilaihi raji'un..smoga roh arwah atuk tasha ditempatkan dlm golongan org2 yg soleh.. aminn

i'm sure husna will be crying hard-wanting to follow me-kesian de.siap kumpul duet raye nk beli duet tiket flite ikut balik indo. so naive n innocent ;) -i'll miss her.. greatly!~
bye bye-home sweet home..

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