Friday, October 17, 2008

the wonders of the net!

haha.poyo kan tajuk post kali ni? just for the sake of entertaining my good mood since the internet has been quite cooperative n helpful in delivering me all the materials needed for me to complete my literature almost half-way done.yeee~! whoever invented internet was surely a pure genius. (bill gates was it??) geezzzz..alhamdulillah. beyond these high-tech-fully helpful gadgets, there is an unseen might that made it all, all these to happen in a flicker of a finger snaps. that's Him, the Almighty. alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.. =)

thanx also to my two brothers who have been extra sweet in letting me to conquer the computer all to my self for the whole week!, without much complain or ado! i noe they've been supressing their online gaming crave just for the sake of allowing me to finish my work. how sweet~u guys are a gem! hehe~ =D

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