Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the urge to write 'sum' thing

thank god it's holidays~!
yep, im still holidaying n njoyin' every minute of it. my days are filled wif the works of a house wife (yelahh tuu)-managing the households,the clothes,mandikan husna,suap husna makan,yet seem to be enjoying them. now i understand why Allah sets women to be at home while men have to strive outside to earn a living and fight for the ummah. we, women, have to fight too but, locationwise its different. it's really nice just being at home, until i have the tendency to just hibernate at home, not contacting anyone not even close friends. hehe. but u guys are still inside my heart, hehhe.

i'm also currently focusing to finish off the paperworks of my thesis. yeah, i know i've been brooding over this and has been mentioning bout my thesis like for the zillionth times yet still not over it yet.
i'll make sure i'll finish, soon, insyaAllah. its also really nice to go into depth on anxiety, the research title im working on, cos it's like studying a part of myself, too.

raya also had been super great. although i'd missed the maahad 02 batch raya convoy which managed to gather almost 40 people (that was above awesome), the frustration was compensated by organizing our ugm 05 batch kl-raya convoy. only managed to gather those yg available around kl. next time kte wat kt negeri lain pulak. hehhe. it was soo fun. around 15 peeps joined. really had a great time. n i bet the memory will last a lifetime.. (haha jiwang laks!)

~us at rumah has~

~us at rumah opah iman~

wut else that i was goin' to mention-herm oredi forgotten. njoy remaining hols everyone!~ =)
me going to be bak in jogja by 22nd october insyaAllah, accompanied with bestest buddy beloved sista Hudaaa yaaay~!

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