Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the basic dissection week

first of all, when i was younger i'd never thought that i'd pursue medicine seriously, and least of all be inclined towards surgery-i'd vowed since my 1st year that surgery would be the last thing on earth i'd wanted to specialize in.

but here i am-taking basic dissection week for my elective block-and it turns out to be quite cewl and unbelievably i turned out to be quite a compulsive dissector!

my basic dissection week started with some lectures by mas jun, dr cahaya n the alwiz ceria dr santoso.mas jun has always been one of our most favourite anatomy assistant-and now shall i say-anatomist?-still he hasn't been a letdown-wowing us with his teaching ability, patience and the intelligence of answering any questions we stormed at him. his talent n passions are indeed awesome!

i had always admired dr santoso-he's really brilliant, passionate and cheerful-haha~i was told that he'd completed his medical degree with a 4 flat!wahhh~ i wish i have his brain!- will never forget the way he'll look at us in awe when we can't recall the anatomy parts he ask-hehe!

talk about being overconfident-here was a few bloops n blunders i made during tutorial which was unrevealed and pointed out by dr cahayani during her lecture!!!-malunye saye sbb terlebih jagung(corn-fident)!!! (muke merah malu tapi buat2 xtau pandang depan je..)-->

*fossa cubiti yang telah ditambah perasa sesuka hati menjadi fossa mediana cubiti
*scaphoid dekat radius snuffbox laa bukan ulnar (kok ini ga tauu??-bisik dr cahayani dlm hati-heh he hee)
*flexor pollicis longus disalah sebut dgn nyum nyum-nya menjadi flexor palmaris longus (beda banget lokasi dua-dua muscle nihh)

a few things i just knew regarding the cadaver in anatomy lab:-
*they come from the unclaimed body from the hospital-also unclaimed in some sort of jabatan kebajikan masyarakat (lebeyh kuang)-and since the jabatan cannot afford to cover its burial cost-it'll be given to the anatomy lab of medicine faculty-n it will later be treated as a dead body with respect-dimandikan,dikapankan dan disolatkan dan didoakan supaya contributionnya ini akan menjadi amal baik buatnya di akhirat kelak..

*after undergoing the above rituals-the body will be infused with highly concentrated formalin through his artery femoralis in the right thigh for 24 hours to rid off all of the blood contained in his blood vessels and to preserve the integrity of his internal organs!

*then the cadaver will be immersed in a huge formaline pool usually containing around 20 cadavers at a time-to preserve his external body parts.

*there is a huge underground hole in the back of anatomy lab to bury off the cadavers that is no longer of/in use.

*the ones that we're using for dissection is usually aged 5-10 years (youngest is 3 months old), since the formalin strength and hence toxicity is lesser for us.

the aim of dissection is to expose the body parts as extensive as possible for the purpose of learning and identifying each structure in the body (ex: exposing the muscles plus preserving the appendages that arise alongside it like the artery, vein and nerve). and this morning dissection class- the 9 of us- 4 per group- geared up in lab coats, masks and the dissection equipments: me n shenyew dissected the cadaver's trunk while budi n shariff dissected its upper limb (tangan). later we shifted tasks since budi n shariff were tak larat to incise the thick fatty layer of the cadaver's limb (sum of the fatty layer even melted!). since i told earlier that me and shenyew were compulsive dissectors we enjoyably took over, huhu! 3 hours hardly passed by! and when it was over-i was still not done in exposing all of its arm muscles, plus a bonus for me for accidentally cut a nerve and an artery (when we're actually supposed to preserve them-ahaks!). it was overall fun n seriously a whole new learning experience-i felt really like a butcher. n tomoroe we'll proceed in dissecting the lower limb (kaki) pulak. sum assignments also have to be submitted in tomoroe and me still havent done it yet..hurmm.

i was so tired for the day and was back at home 10 minutes before maghrib after the skills lab meeting with the new assistants. it was raining extremely heavy - n i cudnt stand anymore to wait-so i just redah the rain-it was so lebat i hardly cud see. and i arrived home feeling absolutely famished and a bit off the mood-yet i knew better to rid it off quickly. herm-many works to be done-the tasks seem endless. a few thoughts on my mind:-

my wishlists:-
- sumbody to do the pkp khidmat bakti masyarakat proposal for me
- sumone to replace and pay for my motor's new shock absorber-its leaking, n for god's sake,the journey feels so bumpyish!
-ubat jerawat!


pai_ilham al-adwa' said...

salam,kak toy..
kasi address kt sana..nk send barang la...insyaALLAH..

teruskan berjuang dan terus berkorban menagih ilmu tuhan!!
(sedih kena ulang alik pain almost 24/7..with work in queue..hope bleh kasi semangat kt kak toy utk terus BEKERJA!!chaiyo!)

Anonymous said...

i luv mas juuuuuuuunnnn..hahaha..he is uber cute..=p btw, sounds interesting, but seriously.,anatomy is so not my cup of tea..ahaks..

Kurt Kuden said...

i wish i have your passion
always admire u kak toy :)

Anonymous said...

sis, on your blooperos, haha, it is SOO talking about confidence here..BIG CONFIDENCE..danesz

toybesh! said...

wsalam naufa..smoge Allah tetapkan kita di jalanNya..hope Allah makes u healthier minute by minute (i pray for u)..n may He lessen our sufferings in the hereafter..

my address here is B29,Sendowo,Jalan Kesehatan,55281 Yoyakarta,Indonesia..nak kirim kad kawen ke? ;D. xyah susah2 hanta ape2 tauu

take care alwiz dear..=)

toybesh! said...

mas jun mmg talented. i tink he's soo in love with anatomy.hehe.

i thot basic dissection susah jugak,takut gak mase awal2 amik uh,mcm wut have i gotten myself rupe2nye, alhamdulillah,the most enjoyable elective i've had. purpose die nak instill interest of anatomy in us, so it worked.
Alamdulillah He makes things easy =)

toybesh! said...

kurt: i wish i cud write as well s u too.ble nk buat buku? hee~

danesz:yaaalaa.that 'i dun have problems with confidence' syndrome was inherited from you aaa.hehe =P

Anonymous said...

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