Tuesday, February 23, 2010

saya malas

i am lazy.
i had just realized this fact.
i only study to pass exams and i pick topics that are likely to be out in exams.
sepatutnye i must be competent in any topics!!
take an example:
my penguji is a cardiologist. n i was superconfident that my case will be patient jantung.
so i studied only cardio n CHF.
tiba2 i dapat cirrhosis hepatis.
tak baca langsung.
haha.padan muka.
p/s: hope lessons learnt.


aziahzuber ialah name saye. said...

toyy, i'm sure u have studied those topics before. dont be too hard on urself. hee.. good luck for the rest of the exam!

toybesh! said...

azia,tq!lurve the 2nd last sentence ;). sumtimes have to admit that i do that to myself quite often.hehe.thx again, aziah!take care, all the best to ya too! =)

Anonymous said...

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