Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the remedy for the insomniacs

my early sleeping routine is disturbed tonite. i'm declaring myself an insomniac! and the remedy- is going on a food binge-wif cek pah's wonderful brownies kukus (ehehe..tikus curi food kat dapor). tq cek pah for cooking lovely dishes today..love it..(siap tambah 3 x..kuang2)..luv u too dearie..owez..hehhe (overrr)..

the remedy for the heart
quoting a saying from one of my friend as a constant reminder for us as a servant to God, our lives need to be filled continously with tarbiyyah n mutaba'ah amal. it's not just about us, having to take care and pay heed over our ibadah, but the ibaadah in return will act as a shield in putting our lives under His care, completely. this is very vital, in order so that we won't take our ibaadah for granted cos what we've performed will be questioned in the hereafter later. Therefore, let's make effort to improve the quality of our ibadaah especially our SOLAT, bit by bit, ceaselessly without fail..

A humble reminder from me yet sincerely (insyaAllah)
Sampaikan dariku walau satu ayaat..


Anonymous said...

u're welcome =D love u too

toybesh! said...

hihi..thx dearie =D